5 Passion Killers That Destroy Your Passion For God

Last night it was my pleasure to be with my friends Mark and Judy Broyles and the brethren in Bulverde, Texas, to speak at their summer lecture series. Their theme has been “Our Passion for Spiritual Growth.” And my topic was “Passionate about God.”

“It certainly is mysterious, this word passion,” writes Gordon MacDonald in his excellent book Renewing Your Spiritual Passion. “It is hard to measure and difficult to pin down. But you know when you have it, and you are quite aware when you don’t.

MacDonald continues, “One feels passion; it seizes you! Passion stimulates human performance: superior or excellent performance, strange or bizarre performance, compassionate or sacrificial performance.”

Sadly, however, there are too many Christians who’ve lost their spiritual passion. Or, at least their passion has greatly diminished from their early days of conversion. Why? What causes a loss of passion for God? And what can we do about it?

If you’re not feeling your former zeal for spiritual matters and a passion for God, here are 5 possible reasons that I shared with the Bulverde brethren.

(1) An Unscriptural Attitude

Continue at: https://thepreachersword.com/2017/07/27/5-passion-killers-that-destroy-your-passion-for-god/


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