Word of the Week: Moderation

“Let your moderation be known unto all men,” exhorted the Apostle Paul in Philippians 4:5.

The admonition to moderation may seem like a simple command, but it’s actually a good deal more complex in application than it appears on the surface.

The English Oxford Dictionary defines moderation as “The avoidance of excess or extremes, especially in one’s behavior or political opinions.”

The Free Dictionary says moderation is “being within reasonable limits, not excessive or extreme.”

Moderation is “an avoidance of extremes in one’s actions, beliefs, or habits,” as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Webster says related words are constraint. Control. Discipline. Restraint. Rationality. And reasonableness.

William Barclay in his Daily Bible Study series says, ” The word epieikeiatranslated moderation is one of the most untranslatable of all Greek words.” He points out that various Bible translations render it as gentleness, patience, softness, forbearance, and magnanimity.

Read more: https://thepreachersword.com/2017/07/31/word-of-the-week-moderation/


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