10 Questions to Ask Before Worship This Weekend

By Chuck Lawless

Worship is not only about what we do when the church gathers; it is what we are to do every day. The best worship is a continuum of: worshiping God by getting ready to meet Him; worshiping Him with His people through His Word and His Spirit; and worshiping Him by being obedient to His Word. Here are 10 questions to ask yourself today prior to gathering with other believers this weekend:

  1. Do I really expect to encounter God in worship? If you do, that will change the way you live today. When God encounters holy people; He purifies them; when He encounters unholy people, though, He sometimes consumes them.
  2. Will my sin hinder the work of God’s Spirit in our congregation? God is, of course, sovereign, but He often chooses not to work through unrepentant people. Even Jesus’ work in Nazareth was limited because the people did not believe (Mark 6:5).
  3. Will my prayers at church be the first time I’ve genuinely focused on prayer this week? If so, God may need to break through your self-dependence simply to bring your heart to the beginning of worship.
  4. Is there anyone I hope I won’t see at church this weekend? Be honest—is there anybody with whom you’re having conflict? anyone you hope to avoid at church?

Read the rest:https://www.renewingworshipnc.org/2017/07/12/10-questions-to-ask-before-worship-this-weekend/


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