I Love You – Do You Love Me?

1 John 4:19 We love because he first loved us.

Dear readers – did you pass notes as a child in school? I remember passing notes in elementary school? When a little girl sent a note – it might say – I like you – do you like me? We also asked crazy questions of our classmates. I was in Miss Bailey’s classroom (I had a crush on her) at John H. Bayne Elementary School  – we were out in a trailer (temporary classroom) – because the school was expanding so fast. I remember when they came into our classroom and asked who would go to the new class (our class was overloaded) – I said yes.

I remember going steady with a young lady in 6th grade. The couples – at least many of them – would parade around the playground holding hands during recess. I wouldn’t do it – because recess for me was a time to play kickball or softball or some kind of ball. I remember getting a note from my steady telling me – if I really loved her (I never used those words) I would give up recess and walk with her. Needless to say – the relationship didn’t last very long.

If you had an opportunity to ask someone a question – what would it be? Is there someone you’d like to ask – do you love me? Would you be willing to say – I love you – do you love me? Using that love word is not easy for some people – for others it comes easily.

When we ask questions – do we like to hear the other person’s answer before we give our answer? When I sent a note to a young lady in school – I usually asked – do you like me? I would never say – I like you do you like me. I wouldn’t put myself out there like that! If she wrote back she didn’t like me and I had already said I liked her – I was doomed.

If you are married – did you say I love you first or did you wait to hear it from him/her? I said it first to my wife. How about you?

In today’s passage we’re reminded that Jesus loved us first. Jesus died on the cross to express His love for us – and then asks us – do we love Him?

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