How We Worshipped: A Sunday Morning at Grace Fellowship Church

~ Challies

I’ve been surprised at how much people are enjoying these little summaries of our worship services at Grace Fellowship Church. I probably shouldn’t be, though, because I rather enjoy experiencing worship in other churches and learning how different communities of Christians worship the same God in different contexts. So here is another explanation of how we worshipped, this one drawn from one week ago.

The service’s cast of characters included Paul as the preacher, Josh as the lead worshipper, and Peter as the Scripture-reader. Our band consisted of guitar, viola, and piano accompanying a male and female vocalist. The various elements of the service are in bold with the name of the person who led the element in parentheses. Items in quotes represent roughly what the person said to the congregation. Items not in quotes are explanatory. A few people have asked for time markers, but, unfortunately, I don’t have them for this service. In general, though, the first part of the service takes about 35 minutes, the sermon 45 minutes, and the closing part about 10 minutes.

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