5 Steps To Proper Biblical Interpretation

By Brian Chilton| Biblical interpretation is not always easy. Unfortunately, many of the attacks against Christianity come from improper interpretation by both antagonists of the faith and proponents of the faith. Sadly, many Christian teachers and preachers have been guilty of improper interpretation.

So is there a good method for interpreting the Bible? Stemming from over 14 years in ministry coupled with my theological education, I would like to present to you five steps that will help you to properly interpret the Bible.

Step 1: Understand the text’s message

The first step to biblical interpretation is to understand what the author was trying to say to the people of his time. Some will claim, “Yes, but can’t I find truths that are applicable to me?” Yes! Absolutely! However, we must realize that while the Bible was written for all of God’s people, the authors of the 66 books of Scripture did not have us in mind.

The authors were writing to the people of their day about particular issues of their time. In order to understand the Bible properly, one must first allow the author to say what he is actually saying.

Step 2: Understand the text’s context

Find the rest at: http://reasonsforjesus.com/5-steps-to-proper-biblical-interpretation/


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