You’re Bored with Jesus; Here’s Why

~ Greear

Do you often feel dry spiritually? Or just cold? Like something is missing?

Many people have been Christians since they were little. They are well versed in the facts and stories of the Bible, but they are no longer captivated by them.

Others are just bored with Jesus. There’s no passion in their lives. They go through the motions, but they don’t want to read the Bible and pray on their own. They don’t really feel anything when they worship.

Why have we gotten bored with Jesus? Why do we feel cold toward the gospel? And how do we fix it?

Almost all of our spiritual problems come from a lack of sight, because what we know with our minds has never been felt with our hearts.

We don’t need new facts about Jesus to make him interesting. We simply need to have the eyes of our hearts enlightened to the truth we already know.

When God grants us spiritual sight, he takes the doctrines of the gospel we understand with our minds and makes them burst alive with sweetness in our hearts. We come to know them as real, personal, and felt. And the only thing that can yield that in our lives is prayer.

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