Practice Your Devotion

In all the books I’ve read, I’ve come to learn that the effort of reading an entire book is often rewarded with a single profound sentence. In a book made up of thousands of words, just one sentence has the power to transform us. I remember one such sentence in a book I read early on as a Christian on the subject of godliness. I do not remember much of its content or even its title. But I do remember one line, which was the main point of the book: Character is who you are when no one is looking. The author was saying that your truest self is the one that comes out when no one else is around, when you are outside the watchful eyes of your parents, your children, your wife, your friends, and your pastors. When you can do whatever you want to do, when you can say whatever you want to say, when you can look at whatever you want to look at and probably get away with it—this is who you really are. This simple sentence challenged me deeply and continues to do so today. It alone made the book worth reading.


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