Prioritize Your Church

~ Tim Challies

Afew years ago, Aileen and I walked into a gym for the very first time. We were unfit, we were determined to do something about it, and we had an inkling that a gym was the place to go. We spoke to the club’s manager, arranged an appointment, and groaned our way through an hour-long assessment. He then assigned a trainer, who assured us he would help us melt away a few pounds and put on a bit of muscle. It actually worked! We worked with our trainer, followed his plan, and soon saw our bodies respond just the way we had hoped.

If the gym is the natural context to pursue physical fitness, the local church is the natural context to pursue spiritual fitness. The church is God’s gymnasium. As a Christian man, you are running a race and, if you mean to run it well, you need training that will help you reach and maintain peak performance. It is in the local church that you encounter the trainers who instruct and guide you, that you follow the training regimen God has planned out for you. It is here that you work out alongside peers who are training for their own race so you can be inspired by their labor and so you can motivate them in return. If you are going to “Run to Win,” you need to prioritize your church.

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