You, Yes You, Are a Minister!

~ Tim challies

Sometimes God’s truth goes into your life like a quiet whisper. Sometimes it goes in like a hand grenade. Have you had one of those times? One day you hear a sermon, or you have a conversation with a fellow church member, or maybe a friend confronts you with a sin they’ve seen in your life, and in a moment it’s like something inside has exploded. You suddenly see a sin you’ve never identified before, or you see an area of weakness and know that God is calling you to address it, or you are overwhelmed with conviction that it is time to address that area of spiritual apathy. God’s Word is powerful.

In the book of Romans, Paul talks about the power of God’s Word in a way we can too easily miss. In Romans 15:14 he says to that congregation he loved: “I myself am satisfied about you, my brothers, that you yourselves are full of goodness, filled with all knowledge and able to instruct one another.” When Paul said these people were able to instruct one another, he actually said they were powerful to instruct one another. They had the ability, but even better, they had the power. They had everything they needed to rock one another’s lives with the truth of God.

Paul says these people in Rome were powerful to instruct one another. To instruct one another is to teach, to encourage, to challenge, to equip, to counsel. But it’s more than that. It’s doing all these things from the Bible and with the authority of the Bible. It’s not just giving good advice, but communicating the truth of God as recorded in the Word of God. It is speaking God’s Words into particular situations or circumstances. The power in the words is the power of the Word.

Instructing one another is a hundred different ways of simply bringing God’s truth to bear. Sometimes this is done by a pastor preaching a sermon that calls people away from wrong behavior and toward right behavior. Far more often, though, it happens in the context of normal life, of one Christian interacting with another one. It happens when a friend encourages a friend to just carry on, to keep practicing the spiritual disciplines. It happens when a church member speaks up to tell what God has been teaching her from his Word. It happens when a brother sits with a brother to encourage him with a passage of Scripture. We tend to think this falls under the responsibility of pastors, and it does. But it is not just the job of pastors. This kind of instruction is the task of every Christian. We are all called to be ministers.

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