One Reason Your Bible Reading Might Feel Boring

“Phwwuuuttt!!!” I spit out the most nasty Coke I’ve ever tasted from McDonald’s.

I assume they are low on the sweet sugary goodness which drips through the behind-the-scenes tubes and into my luscious drink. As I’m about to inform the manager that they need to change out those magic boxes of syrupy cola, I realize that it isn’t a fault with the Coke it’s a fault with my eyes. I didn’t drink Coke, I drank sweet tea.

But that’s weird because I normally love McDonald’s sweet tea. I’ve heard complaints that it’s too sweet. But because I like my sweet tea with enough sugar to choke a horse, I enjoy a sweet tea…almost always. I don’t enjoy sweet tea when I think it’s Coke.

I wonder if we sometimes have a similar experience with Scripture. Psalm 119:103 says, “How sweet are your words to my taste! yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth”. Yet, there are times when God’s Word tastes bland to me. Is it because I’m expecting the wrong thing? Am I not savoring God’s Word because I’m treating it like something it is not?

The Bible isn’t meant to merely give information. The Bible is meant to transform me. If I come to the Bible expecting a few pithy saying to help me get along through my day, then I might be surprised when it rebukes me. I’ll be shocked when I’m looking for a way to use the Bible verse of the day, and the Spirit decides to use the Sword to lance a calloused place in my heart.

If your Bible reading is bland and the Word of God isn’t sweet to you ,perhaps it’s because you are looking it to be something that it is not. It’s a mirror. It’s living. It’s fixed in it’s truth but it isn’t static in it’s nature. Come to the Word this way and you’ll be far more apt to enjoy it’s sweetness (even if it breaks you).

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