Francis Chan: There’s no Such Thing as a Lukewarm Christian

Lukewarm Chan

Every week, millions of Americans line the pews of churches, hearing messages of hope, encouragement, and exhortation to go out and make disciples. Ideally, we spend the rest of the week making connections with others, sharing our lives and the gospel with those who need it. But what if we are missing a segment of people who need saving—inside the church?

What a tragedy it would be to see those who think they are Christians ultimately spit from the mouth of God at the end of days.

In this short video from Kingdom Warriors, Francis Chan is posed with the question: Are lukewarm Christians saved? He speaks humbly but challenges us to look at what the Bible says about those who are lukewarm in their faith, and calls them out as unbelievers.

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One Response

  1. Now, is the time for all of the true believers of God, like yourself and others to continue the work of Jesus Christ. The world need to know the power of God. We are the followers of Jesus Christ. The Word of God is within us. The so called lukewarm people are not followers of Jesus Christ. They are in the category of those who do not know him. Thanks

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