Growing Up: Six Basic Steps toward Maturity

How can young people move toward maturity? How can adolescents grow into young adults? How can college students move through the college years with increasing integrity, character, maturity, skill, and productivity?

Here are six basic steps to help the saplings of the next generation add rings as they reach for the light.

1. Wake Up: Desire

The first step toward maturity is wanting it. This virtue — basic desire — sits at the core of who we are and what we become.

Like children, all young adults grow whether they want to or not. They gain life experience; they acquire relationships; they develop an educational portfolio. But there’s a difference between haphazardly developing and intentionally maturing. Maturity, at its most granular levels, requires desire. When a young man or woman wakes up to his or her own human potential, to a sense of God-given responsibility, to the healthy weight of stewardship invested in every son of Adam and daughter of Eve, that young man or woman has awakened at the crossroads where the path to maturity begins.

2. Sign Up: Commitment

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