8 Departure Dangers from Gospel-Centrality

“Only let us hold true to what we have attained.”
— Philippians 3:16

There are lots of distractions from and temptations to discard a commitment to gospel-centeredness. Here are just 8.

1. The Devil’s Accusation

Every now and then I will hear some variation of this accusation from the evil one: “How can you get up there and talk about the gospel? You’re a self-righteous hypocrite.” Satan often tries to stifle gospel proclamation by reminding the proclaimer of his unworthiness. The specific accusation may change, but the motive is the same: get the gospel-centered preacher off his game. If the devil can get us to doubt our calling, our legitimacy as ministers, our capability as proclaimers, or merely our authorization to present the gospel, he knows he’s closer to getting the gospel unheard.

2. The Devil’s Insinuation
This word from the accuser is one I hear more often than any other: “This gospel stuff is gonna get old. Don’t you think if you play this same old record every day people are going to get tired of it?” The devil would love to convince us that the gospel is not versatile or resilient, that it is not the every day power of salvation for all who believe.

More at: http://ftc.co/resource-library/1/2735


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