Ten Questions for Applying Scripture to Your Life

A simple list for those desiring spiritual transformation.

Bible Study Coffee

A good question in Bible study helps us uncover riches of the text that we may not see. This is true for observation, interpretation, and application stages of Bible study.

The following ten questions1 will help you apply Scripture to your life and rely on God for transformation. It may help you to print off the list and tape it inside your Bible.

1. What does this say about God?
2. What does it say about the human condition?
3. What does it say about God’s provision in Christ for the human condition?
4. What response does God want from this Scripture for me? From the church? From the world?
5. What does it look like for me to believe and obey this Scripture in more than a superficial, external way? How can I obey externally but not internally?
6. Is there anything I need to confess and repent of?
7. What areas do I need help in believing or heeding this Scripture?
8. What can I be thankful for because of this passage?
9. How can I praise God because of this passage?
10. How can I encourage myself and others with these truths today?

“Blessed are you, O Lord; teach me your statutes!” Psalm 119:12

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