The Privilege is All Ours

An unusual amount of professional athletes reside in the town where I live. The adventurous mountain terrain attract them. Big name brands in the outdoor sports industry gobble up some of the most talented skiers, snowboarders, and mountaineers for sponsorship and association. And there seems to be a common theme among these individuals: they carry a sense of privilege when it comes to association with the most prestigious brands in the sports industry. They carry an unapologetic honor when it comes to the names that they represent on their skis, jackets, helmets, shoes, packs, and more. And though their respective sports involve hard work, it does not seem to dampen that sense of honor in who they represent.

I’ve wondered sometimes if I live with that sense of privilege with something far more significant than a professional skier sponsorship. If I’m honest, I have not. In fact, it’s often been the opposite. My own self-preferring ways combined with an entitlement-saturated culture mix to poison the great sense of privilege that it is to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

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