I Am the Reason Jesus Had to Die

~Jim Shempert

You have no problem finding enthusiasm among Christians during Christmas.  Most seem to be reverential of Christ’s birth.  We go out of our way to say Merry Christmas to all we know, sometimes with the love of Christ in our hearts, and sometimes with fire and brimstone.  Yet during Easter, there seems to be a lack of excitement among the brethren. We all strive to buy that new tie or a new suit, but do we seek to tell others of the monumental moment in our lives as believers?  Do we seek to reach others and bring them in, so that they can experience the victory of Easter?  Or do we look down our noses at those who only darken the doors at Easter?

I am a very introspective person.  I like to challenge myself, and especially my relationship with Christ on a continual basis.  A relationship is similar to a muscle, it can atrophy without activity.  The same is true of ongoing renewal in Christ.  None of us are ever completely sanctified.

“Whoa fella, you need to calm down a little.  I’m a good Christian,” I can almost hear someone say.  It is never my intention to question anyone’s Christianity.  My point is simply that even though we sing about “the Old Rugged Cross” and “Up from the grave He arose,” are we honest enough to admit the cause?  Are we willing to look at ourselves in the mirror, strip ourselves of the title  “good Christian” and throw ourselves at the foot of the Cross to see that it was our (my) sins that necessitated the death of the Son of God?

Read more: http://www.afa.net/the-stand/faith/2017/04/i-am-the-reason-jesus-had-to-die/


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