On Emotionalism and the Gospel

Some show little to no emotion and that seems to contradict the great emotional release and joy food in Christ, but on the other hand some demand great shows of emotion that seem clearly contrived. Both ends need to evaluate what they are doing and expecting. Good article on the second extreme.

Many Christians have likely experienced emotionalism – the moments at various worship services and events when excessive focus is placed on a person’s emotions. Often, you will see it in places where “decisions” or “worship experiences” are elevated above proper worship of God or, quite frankly, above the gospel. In its ugliest forms, the leader attempts to manipulate the congregation’s emotions to meet whatever their end goal is. and emotional atmospheres are dubbed “a move of the Holy Spirit.”


Read the rest: http://ftc.co/resource-library/blog-entries/on-emotionalism-and-the-gospel


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