Are You a Christian or a Disciple?

Pastor J.D. Greear

Let’s do a little word association.

What kind of person do you picture when you hear the word “Crossfit”? What about “vegan”? “Nascar fan”? “Patriots fan”? “Academy Award winner”?

(For that last one, the only correct answer was Nicolas Cage.)

Now, what comes to your mind when I say the word “Christian”?

If you stop people on the street and ask them, “Are you a Christian?” Some people would say, “Yes.” Others would say, “What do you mean?” Some would tell you, “Yes, but …” or “No, but …” or “Yes, but I’m not like …” And some would flat out say, “No, I’m definitely not a Christian.”

Here’s a strange fact: The first followers of Jesus didn’t call themselves “Christians.” The term was actually a derogatory term used by people outside the Jesus community. Acts 11:26 says, “In Antioch the disciples were first called Christians” (ESV). Called—by others. It’s not the name they chose for themselves.



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