Prayers thoughts from Scotty Smith

selected from recent readings in my devotional time:

Father, keep on rescuing me from all wrong thinking about you. Keep showing me how little I really see you and understand about the greatness of your love for us in Jesus.

I choose the rest of your love rather than stew in my regrets. I have great confidence and hope and your commitment to make all things new.

By your Spirit, Father, continue to reveal it to me how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ–– the only love that surpasses knowledge. Ephesians 3:18– 19

You will never lead us into hard places where you are not present.

It is obvious to me now, that the whole Christian life is about coming to Jesus. We need Jesus today as much as the first day we he entered our lives. In fact we will never exhaust our need for what Jesus alone can give.

Jesus, we come to you right now — we come bring it in our emptiness to the fountain of your fullness.

Father, I am not asking to soar like an eagle, as fun as that might be, and I am not seeking to run like a sprinter or a marathoner. Just walking upright with a renewed heart, a steady gait, and replenished energy will be enough.

Right now I look to you for all the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical strength I will need to live out the implications of the gospel just today.


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