Lent Reveals The Desert


It begins tomorrow night– Wednesday for you in the West. Lent is beginning.

Christ is going out into the desert.

Why is He going into the desert?

He is going to meet you there.

You are a fallen creature in a fallen world. Heaven is your home, but you were not born in Heaven. You were born on the fallen earth. You’ve felt it all your life. You’ve known that it’s there. You ought to be in Heaven, but you’re not. You ought to be happy, but you’re not. You ought to love readily, but you don’t. You ought to see light, and by the light see everything, but it’s dark.

There is a vast desert between yourself and Heaven. You are there already; you were born there. The only way home, to light and love and happiness, is to cross it. I can’t tell you what that will look like, for you. There are all kinds of deserts. Some are all sand dunes; some are hard packed dirt. Some are alive with cacti and some are barren. Some are blazing hot, but not all– the South Pole is is a desert, after all. And most every desert is cold at night. Night comes to all deserts– dark, chill night where you can’t see where you’re going.  It will come to that eventually, though I can’t say when. And when it comes, Christ will meet you and lead you by the hand.

Christ will lead you to Calvary. He has to, you see. It’s the only way out of the desert. Calvary is the way home. Every human being is suspended painfully between Heaven and Earth, and Calvary is how we’re freed from Earth. He went there Himself, so you wouldn’t be alone, and now He shows you the way.

Read more: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/steelmagnificat/2017/02/lent-reveals-desert/


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