If Easter is true

If Jesus rose from the dead as the Scriptures say, it not only means he is someone you can trust but it signifies that Jesus is someone you must listen to, for he is the power of God.

If Easter is true, it not only proves Jesus’s trustworthiness when it comes to his own words but it proves God’s faithfulness to keep promises to his people throughout history. The Old Testament prophets and writers of Scripture predicted a Messiah who would come near to us as both man and God, right down to the most specific of details such as the exact town where Jesus would be born, the circumstances around his birth, and the reaction among political leaders. According to Jewish scholar Alfred Edersheim, there are around 456 specific passages that refer to Jesus the Messiah in the Old Testament.

If Easter is true, Jesus is not only trustworthy but powerful enough to raise himself from the dead. His claims are true, and this means he is the Creator and Sustainer of all things, the One who gives life and breath to all.

~ Darling, Daniel. The Original Jesus: Trading the Myths We Create for the Savior Who Is (p. 24). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.


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