How Can I Delight in God’s Word?​

As Christians, we are supposed to delight in the Bible. What I mean is, reading the Bible should produce a sense of pleasure and joy in us –  our delight should draw us into the text.

For some of you, however, that may not be the case right now. You may not delight in it. And because you don’t delight in the Bible, you don’t read it. Maybe you feel bad about not reading it. Maybe you want to get to a place where you delight in it, you just don’t know how to make the switch. You might be asking: How can the Bible become something in which I delight?

How can the Bible become something in which I delight?

(1) Pray and ask God to help you delight in His Word.

One of the first things you should do when you sense your delight slipping is pray. Prayer is powerful. It has the ability to change our heart.

For most of us, we know this is true. We spend time praying for people’s salvation, their broken families, and this broken world. We spend the time doing those things because we know prayer changes things. If we know that, why not pray for our own heart, that God would change it so that we delight in His Word?

(2) Read it anyway. 


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