Is the Book of Acts Loveless?

By John Frye

For the observant reader of the Bible, it comes as a shock to read the Gospel of John with it use of the word “love” some 39 times. John: the gospel of love. The shock sets in as the reader continues on into the Book of Acts. How many times does the word “love” appear? Zero. None. Not once. We know that “love” is one of Luke’s vocabulary words because he uses it 19 times in his Gospel (I’m working with the NIV). Why the absence of this great word in Luke’s sequel to Theophilus—the Book of Acts?

The Book of Acts. Jesus ascended. The Spirit poured out. The apostles evangelize. People are converted. Churches are planted in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and in Asia Minor and Rome. Jews and Gentiles repent. All that evangelistic preaching by the apostles and all that saving activity by God and there is not one mention of love, God’s love. Food for thought.



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