It takes more than one to make a disciple

by Bill Hull

No one individual can fully disciple another, because no one has the full arsenal of spiritual gifts and wisdom to adequately bring another to maturity in Christ. That does not mean one-to-one discipling is invalid—but a master-pupil model is not enough for the church. The ministry that thinks of discipling in a one-on-one terms falls short of what God intended for His people.

I need several mentors to fully develop me in Christ; a ministry-skills mentor, a character mentor, and people who will help me focus on a variety of other issues. Only the body of Christ can provide an environment that gives the full range of experiences and challenges I need. One-on-one can provide the fine-tuning in personal matters as I walk with Christ, but it cannot do the whole job.

If a church focuses only on ministry skills and one-on-one discipling, the majority of the people remain undiscipled.

The Disciple-Making Church, p.35


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