Prayer thoughts from Scotty Smith

Even as we first needed grace to respond to your love (Ephesians 2.8–10), so we need grace to stay alive too your love and to love as you deserve to be loved. Your love for us is the one constant in our lives. Everything else changes. Everything else is subject to whim and fancy. Our brothers and sisters in Heaven are more happy than we are, but they are not more loved. But our love for you ebbs and flows.

Jesus, give us grace to love you with an undying love. May the cooling of our affection for you bother us more than the fragile economy, are broken relationships, political of people in the world, concerns about Our health, growing older, or anything else. Jesus, don’t let us get use to status quo, middle-class, business–as-usual love for you.

But because of this hope, we will not to doubt, numb out, or checkout. We will seek to show up. Lead us, King Jesus. Lead us into your work of redemption and restoration. What will it mean to love mercy, do justice, and walk calmly with you in the broken places of your world?

I’m feeling a bit distracted this morning, scattered and not very focused.

It is one of those days I am glad the gospel is much more about your grasp of me then my grip on you. I am grateful your delight in me is not contingent upon my delight in you. I am very thankful for the prayer ministry of the Holy Spirit.

It is freeing to know your spirit doesn’t abandon us when we are weak but helps us in our weakness, faithfully praying it us with “wordless groans” (Romans 8:26).

You search our hearts to save us not to shame us; to deliver us, not today demean us; two change us, not to chide us.

And at this very moment your Spirit is praying inside me, perfectly tuned into my needs and in total harmony with your will. I cannot measure the peace that brings. I surrender right now, Father. I will gladly groan to your glory. I know you are at work for my good in all things, including this season. You called me to life in Christ, and you will complete your purpose and me, in each of your children, and in the entire cosmos. I do love you; I would love you more. I pray for thankfulness, and Jesus is merciful and faithful name. Amen


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