With Greater Age Comes Greater Joy

We were made to exist within time, to age as we progress through the years allotted to us. As we age, we experience tremendous sorrows—the sorrows of weakness, weariness, reaping, mortality, and fear. But we do not experience only sorrows. We experience joys as well. Some of these extend to believer and unbeliever alike, but God reserves the choicest of his joys for those who live for his glory.

(Have you read parts one and two of this series about aging? You can find them here: Aging Gracefullyand Greater Age Brings Greater Sorrow. After today I will move to other things for a few days before resuming and completing this series next week.)

The surging sorrows that come with aging stem from longer exposure to our depravity, to the depravity of others, and to the woeful consequences of sin in this world. The cascading joys stem from longer exposure to God’s means of grace, to his Spirit working through his Word, and to his inner work of renewal. Without Christ we cannot know any of these higher joys, but in Christ we can anticipate, experience, and enjoy them all.

We have looked at five sorrows that come with aging and increase with aging. Now we turn to five joys to see that greater age brings greater joy.

Continue: http://www.challies.com/articles/with-greater-age-comes-greater-joy


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