How To Live In A Divided Country


“America is a sad place to live today,” posted one of my facebook friends, Jimmy Grushon, a long time friend and brother in Christ.

Jim laments, “The ideologies of politics have made people consumed in self and disrespectful of others who don’t view the world from their point of view. We are witnessing a society that hates more, is more hypocritical, more political, godless, more disrespectful and more self consumed than any time in my lifetime. “

“The principles of kindness, gentleness, and service to others has been trampled on by the egos of people who think they are smarter, more intellectual, more informed than anyone else. We use our tongues as weapons to cause division and criticize rather than encourage and make peace. I thought when the election was over we could get back to civility and move forward.

However, as Jim correctly observed, the “intolerance of those who preach tolerance has consumed every nook and cranny of our country.”

“I pray for our country and hope that we soon realize that our enemy is not some foreign power; it is our own lack of respect for one another. It’s time to stop letting political ideology from the extremes of both parties cloud the proper attitude and respect we need for each other in our society.”

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