5 Blessings of Marking Up Your Bible

5 Blessings of Marking Up Your Bible

I love the feel of a new Bible: turning those crisp pages, enjoying the feel of something so new and precious in my hands, even sticking my nose in a book and admiring the scent of the fresh-off-the-presses pages.

It sometimes pains me to ‘ruin’ the pristineness of a new Bible by letting the stroke of a pen or the tip of a highlighter touch the virgin pages and seemingly tarnish the perfection of a new Bible—but I’m entirely convinced it’s worth it.

Early on in my Christian life, I would avoid marking up my Bible for the reason mentioned above, but now, I can’t read it without a pencil and highlighter in hand. I’m convinced there is just so much to gain by faithfully marking up a Bible during daily Bible study, that not doing it would be like mourning the loss of a close friend.

5 Blessings of Marking Up Your Bible

1. Marking up my Bible helps engage me in more careful study.

Reading my Bible with highlighter in hand encourages me to interact with Scripture as I read and lessens the temptation to read passively, just to get it done. It also helps me see things that are evident in the text that a less-careful reading would miss.

Take my recent study of Ephesians 1:3-14 for example. By simply highlighting repetitions of “in Christ”/”in Him”, “to the praise of his glory”, and mentions of God’s “will”/”purpose”, major themes from the passage leap off the page and deepen my understanding of the glories of God’s eternal purposes in Christ.

More at: http://www.kevinhalloran.net/5-blessings-of-marking-up-your-bible/


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