Congregational Participation

By Ron Man, Pastor of Music and Worship, EXW Contributor 
In that now famous quote by Kierkegaard, he stresses that the members of the congregation are the “performers” with God as the “audience” (and not the congregation as the audience to performers on the platform). In other words, worship is something done by God’s people not for God’s people.
Congregational participation in corporate worship is in fact a direct application of the biblical doctrine of (and the Reformation re-emphasis on) the priesthood of all believers: unlike Israel, we have no priestly mediators who perform the rituals of worship on our behalf – our great High Priest has, by the offering of Himself as a sacrifice, opened forever the way for us through the veil and into the presence of God (Hebrews 8–10). Thus congregational participation in worship is in itself a powerful testimony to the nature of the New Covenant.

The Singing Congregation

Music is a gift of God ideally suited for the praise of the Creator — in heaven and in the church on earth. The congregation is, as William Rayborn has pointed out, the most important singing group in the church (the wonderful ministry of the choir notwithstanding). Following are some ways the congregation can be brought into a greater participatory role in worship through song:

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