Gifts are given, but fruit is developed

Gifts are given, but fruit is developed. It takes time for a fruit tree to come to maturity and yield a harvest. Fruit grows slowly from within: first the buds, then the flowers, and eventually the fruit.

Spiritual fruit grows in the same way as we live each day consecrated to the Lord. Spiritual fruit is grown in the greenhouse of practical day-by-day relationships with others. The Lord uses the greenhouse of relationships to develop authenticity, patience, and the other spiritual fruit within us. Spiritual fruit is the evidence that Christ truly lives within us. And as we develop love and self-control (the first and last in the list of the fruit of the Spirit), the other seven fruit begin to manifest.

I have often heard it said that many people have enough gifts to get them somewhere, but not enough character to keep them there. Our gifts aren’t worth anything if we don’t have fruit. And, we never know the quality of the fruit we have until it is squeezed!

Chuck Pierce; Kreider, Larry; Stearns, Robert. Return to Authentic Christianity: An In-depth look at 12 Vital Issues Facing Today’s Church (pp. 28-29). Destiny Image. Kindle Edition.


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