Evolution’s Iron Curtain

Iron curtain.jpg

Robert George teaches jurisprudence at Princeton and is well known both as a scholar and as a conservative. On Facebook recently he posted a dialogue with a “closeted conservative colleague” who chooses not to go public with his own views out of considerations of career safety. (Rod Dreher reproduces and comments on it.) The colleague feels implicitly judged by Professor George for his not speaking out, and a really interesting conversation ensues. It reminds me of the situation faced by Darwin skeptics in the science world.

Basically, the colleague feels he has good reasons for remaining closeted, while George says he “assumes” the colleague is “following [his] conscience.” Professor George admits that careers have been savaged and ruined when conservatives came out, but he nevertheless advises his own grad students to be fearless and candid.

Continue: http://www.evolutionnews.org/2016/09/evolutions_iron103169.html

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