Church is okay, church is necessary

Have you ever sat in church during a wedding, baptism or a funeral? Have you ever winced (even a little) at the “tourists” unfamiliar with all the usual form and format so familiar? All the stuff so alien to these “happy – or sad – tourists”?  I have.

I have looked at their polished dress and hairstyles, the obvious discomfort of some with a pressed shirt and collar, the extravagant and showy hats (and veils?), all the finery on display – a day out – an event – no way is this an intimate joining together with our Lord and Father in sincere worship.  Because I notice the hopeful mouthing of the Lord’s Prayer, the sideways looks for signals of when to sit and stand.  I have judged them and found them wanting.  They look good – but have no idea why they are really here.

Me who rarely goes to church on a Sunday – I have judged them when our paths occasionally cross.


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