9 Questions For Growing Christians


Tuesday night Norma Jean and I enjoyed a Royals baseball game at Kaufman Stadium (known as “The K” to the locals). It was a fun game with filled with offense in an 8-6 Royals win over the Detroit Tigers.

The World Champion Royals are off to a to a respectable 9-5 start. Good enough for second place in the American League Central Division behind the White Sox.

The enjoyment of the game was only surpassed by the company of our friend Fred Patek, who played for the Royals back in the 1970’s. It’s so much fun to hear his baseball stories of legends like Yogi Berra, Frank Howard, Mickey Mantle, Bob Gibson, Gaylord Perry, Juan Marichal and George Brett.

However, one of my all time favorite baseball stories involves famed St. Louis Cardinal pitcher, Dizzy Dean, a member of the so-called “gas-house gang.” In 1934 Dizzy had a 30-7 record. He led the league in strike-outs. Led the league in shutouts. And won two games in the World Series, including the deciding seventh game to beat the Detroit Tigers. He was named MVP in 1934.

The following Spring in 1935 when the Rookies reported early for training camp, a reporter for the St. Louis Dispatch went to see their young talent. And who did he see? Dizzy Dean. The reporter was surprised that Dean reported early when he didn’t have to.

“Why?” asked the reporter. “After the kind of year you had. Why are you here with the Rookies, Diz?”

Dean replied, “Pardner, when you quit gettin’ better, you quit being good.”

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