The R-Rated Tongue

The Motion Picture Association of America assesses and rates movies for American audiences. Their rating system is based on the amount of bad language and images in each film, resulting in a letter code to enable viewers to decide whether they should watch it or not. An “R” Rating is saying that this film is only appropriate for adults — it contains so much bad language or images that it should not be watched by children and even adults should seriously consider the wisdom and morality of watching it. An “R” means “likely to harm or damage the viewer.”

I entitled this post “The R-Rated Tongue” because I wanted to warn you that the Bible’s teaching about the tongue is full of scary language and frightening images. However, unlike the MPAM “R” this is a biblical “R,” meaning that although the images are horrendous and the language horrific, yet even the youngest child is called to view and hear for their good. Let’s look at the first of these graphic and scary images in James 3:5-6, where we are told that the tongue is a dangerous inferno.

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