It’s All About Him – An Excerpt from God’s Glory Alone

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9780310515807In God’s Glory Alone—The Majestic Heart of Christian Faith and Life, which is available to order now, renowned scholar David VanDrunen looks at the historical and biblical roots of the idea that all glory belongs to God alone. He calls it “the glue that holds the other solas in place…” As he examines the biblical themes and traces it through history, he concludes by addressing several of today’s great cultural challenges and temptations—such as distraction and narcissism—and reflecting on how commitment to God’s glory alone fortifies us to live godly lives in this present evil age.


In popular conception, the Reformation motto soli Deo gloria is sometimes reduced to a call for moral action: we Christians should pursue all activities for the glory of God as our only supreme end. Of course, there is nothing untrue about this statement—a couple of biblical texts even make this point explicitly. But there seems to be something imbalanced about focusing the soli Deo gloria theme exclusively upon Christians acting for God’s glory. For one thing, it produces the awkward and ironic result that soli Deo gloria becomes centered on us: how we are to act and what end we should pursue. These are important issues indeed, but when soli Deo Gloria turns into a program for human cultural renewal, we may well suspect that what was meant to be a theocentric battle cry has been distorted by more than a little anthropocentric static.

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