Diversity is the effect, not the substance. The thermometer, so to speak, not the thermostat. It informs us of the spiritual temperature of our congregation, but has little ability to inflict maturity. Diversity in a local church matters very little in and of itself. It matters enormously to the extent that it advertises a deeper reality of gospel unity.


Ministry by similarity is a common tool for fostering community in churches. And too often, it stems from a lack of belief. We read how the gospel united Jew and Gentile in Ephesus, but we don’t really see how it could unite single moms and retirees.

I don’t believe that ministry by similarity is evil. It is just that I think it’s dangerous. Ministry by similarity can so characterize our community as churches that it obscure is the supernatural diversity that the gospel produces.

Relationships of similarity offering level of understanding that is important and unique. But then — and this is the key — there should also be relationships where you are only friends because you’re Christians, without any worldly explanation.

~ Decker, Compelling Community

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