Scot McKnight’s latest book, A Fellowship of Differents

I think I want to read his book introduced by Nate Clairborne.

New Books of Note


Like most people last Monday, I got sunburned near a large body of water. While I was doing that, I read Scot McKnight’s latest book, A Fellowship of Differents. It is essentially a book about the Christian life in community based heavily on the writings of Paul. The six parts of the book trace the Christian life, beginning with Grace, and on to Love and Table, Holiness, Newness, and finally Flourishing. These themes encompass what the Christian life in Christ in community ought to look like. Along the way, McKnight is answering the question, “what is the church supposed to be?” in tandem with “if the church is what it is supposed to be, what does the Christian life look like?”


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