7 Reasons Knowing God’s Will Transforms your Prayer Life

from Chronicles of the kid next door by Vasanganyado


Thy Will Be Done

Today, I do not feel like writing anything. I am disappointed with myself and I am under heavy stress at school. With two conference abstracts due today and my experiments botched, I am confused. Frankly, I do not know what to do.

Oh God, please help me.

I am an international grad student at a university in southern California. Due to conflicts in educational systems between Zimbabwe and the US, the first two years of my study were wasted trying to cover some prerequisite courses. The whole of my second year was a giant flop, as I chased after the winds attempting an experiment that did not work. Imagine my frustration when an experiment I did for the past six months also failed.

I do not know what to do anymore. I am confused and almost hopeless. To make matters worse, unlike other grad student who have supportive mentors, I am doomed with a boss who is convinced I am the worst student he ever had. Considering none of my setbacks can be attributed to my shortcomings, it is quite easy to believe God set me up for failure. But, is that true?

A few days ago, I started daily musing on the Lord’s Prayer. I decided to log my thoughts on this blog. The first three days were amazing, I learned a bunch on knowing God as my Father and King. Yesterday, I woke up bubbling with joy as I meditated on the reality of God as my Father and the King. I could not stop praising God.

By the end of the day, things began taking an unceremonious turn. After working in the lab for several hours, I began writing my two abstracts. One of the abstracts required data from the experiment I have done the past six months. After punching numbers for several hours until early this morning, I realized my experiment was botched and my six months of work had gone down the drain. Today, I had committed myself to ponder on thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Touché.

How Does Knowing God’s Will Transforms Prayer?

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