God’s Battle Plan for the Mind

from Servants of Grace by David Dunham

Battle_plan__38771.1421098002.315.315Transformation comes through the “renewal of the mind,” or at least that’s what the Apostle Paul believed. He teaches as much to the Romans. Our thinking habits have massive implications for our lives. Like the Apostle the Puritans saw the relationship of our thought life to our spiritual life. David Saxton wants to help believers today recover a sense of this relationship. If God’s Battle Plan for the Mindtends to oversell the value of meditation, it nonetheless encourages the real value of this neglected spiritual discipline.

“The goal of this book,” writes Saxton, “is to convince God’s people of the absolute necessity of personal meditation” (2). He does a good job at this goal. Not only does chapter one unpack the importance of recovering meditation today, but chapters 9 and 10 highlight the reasons and benefits of meditation. In fact the chapter divisions can be a bit meaningless because the whole book communicates over and over again the absolute value of meditation. Whether Saxton is looking at the Puritan distinction between occasional and deliberate meditation or examining other important occasions for meditation he is constantly demonstrating the unique value of the discipline.

Continue: http://servantsofgrace.org/gods-battle-plan-for-the-mind/


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