10 Dangers Of A Joyless Christian Life

from Servants of Grace by David Murray

“Oh, what a life might men live if they were but willing and diligent! God would have their joys to be far more than their sorrows.” Richard Alleine*

The Puritan Richard Alleine says that many Christian make their own lives miserable by refusing the joys that God has set before them. He asks:

How much do those persons wrong God and themselves who either make their thoughts of God the inlet of their sorrows or let these offered joys lie by as neglected and forgotten?

He then goes on to list ten problems that result from the lack of spiritual joys:

  1. This lack will dampen, if not destroy, love to God. Insofar as we apprehend God’s loving purpose to make us eternally happy, we will increase in love to God and delight in God. But refusing to think so highly of God’s goodwill cannot but chill our hearts and harden them against Him.

Continue: http://servantsofgrace.org/10-dangers-of-a-joyless-christian-life/

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