John 18:28-30 (He Normally Couldn’t Care Less)

from The River Walk

Couldn't Care Less

Jesus’ trial before Caiaphas ended in the early hours of the morning. Then he was taken to the headquarters of the Roman governor. His accusers didn’t go inside because it would defile them, and they wouldn’t be allowed to celebrate the Passover. So Pilate, the governor, went out to them and asked, “What is your charge against this man?”

“We wouldn’t have handed him over to you if he weren’t a criminal!” they retorted. (John 18:28-30)

Relate: Because Pilate didn’t care the religious leaders thought they could pull a fast one over on him in the murder of Jesus. They fully expected, based on past experience that he wouldn’t even be bothered to know whose death warrant he was signing.

You see, when Pilate was first assigned to be the procurator of Judea, he felt the title beneath him and the location a backwater. In his role he basically had two responsibilities: 1) to “procure” the taxes and 2) to keep the peace. This second task he wasn’t very good at. He cared nothing for the religion and culture of the people he was appointed to lead and this, more than once got him into trouble. Historians like Josephus and Philo write of multiple times where early on Pilate seemed to go out of his way to upset the sensibilities of his subjects. He did what he was going to do with no care or concern for the impact it would have and this frequently resulted in the Jewish people protesting and rioting. Petitions and riots alike were met with brutality and death.

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