So Heavenly minded, no earthly good?

from LivingMoreAbundantly

Have you ever heard the phrase, “That person is so  Heavenly minded that they are no earthly good?”  I was thinking about this phrase this morning and have come to the conclusion that it is total bunk! If a follower of Christ is truly Heavenly minded, they are aware of the fact that one day every person who lived  will stand before the Creator of the Universe and give an account for their actions. The idea of eternity is not just a random concept to a Heavenly minded person but it is a reality. They KNOW that the time we spend here is precious and will determine where we spend all of eternity! A truly Heavenly minded person does not get caught up and waylaid by the cares of this world. They realize that distractions that draw us away from Christ are to be avoided at all costs! When they look at people they see their potential in Christ and make every attempt to share Jesus with them, knowing that that is the heart of the Father.

Heavenly minded people are the intercessors. They are the drone workers willing to help when there is work for the Kingdom to be done, regardless of how menial it may seem. They are not easily distracted because eternity is never far off from their thoughts! Though they love their families and friends, they choose to keep Christ first in all their decisions. Though they are far from perfect, their eyes are on Jesus, knowing the reality of seeing Him face to face one day and because of this they are continuing to grow more like Him!

In the book of Colossians, Apostle Paul actually admonishes us to keep our eyes on things above!

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