Why Did God Allow Satan to Harm Job and His Family?

A Brick in the Valley by Chris

Why would God allow Satan to harm Job? Is God placing side bets while we battle cancer or lose loved ones? Here are some preliminary thoughts in response to those questions.

Our church continues our series on the book of Job, A Journey With Job: Seeing and Savoring the Beauty of Christ Amid the Long Walk of Suffering. You can listen to the first sermon, “Someone You Need to Meet,” on our church web site.

Any study of the book of Job raises questions about the debate between God and Satan. We wonder, why would God allow Satan to harm Job and his family. I will be speaking to this question more in our next sermon, but let me make some of the points in advance here in this blog post. The idea is that these points are all part of the answer.

So what should we say in response to the question, “Why did God allow Satan to harm Job”?

Read on: http://chrisbrauns.com/2014/10/god-allow-satan-harm-job-family/


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