The Three Things You Need to Read this Week (08/15/14)

from Pastor Matt


While all of us were mourning the loss of a true genius to suicide, I was compiling the Three Things You Need to Read this Week:

1. William Lane Craig and the fine folks at Reasonable Faith were gracious enough to discuss one of my blog posts.  WLC disagreed with me to an extent.  The great and mysterious Wintery Knight graciously defended my position here and Eric Chabot also mentioned it here. Thanks, gents!

2. I was finally blessed to meet Det. J. Warner Wallace this week at CrossExamined.  Here is a fine recent post on What A Church Looks Like When It’s Committed to Christian Case Making.  By the way, congrats to Det. Wallace for cracking a 35-year old homicide cold case.

3. Finally, Nick Peters at Deeper Waters on The Death of Robin Williams.

That’s it for now.  Please come back regularly.  I’ll be starting a series soon on what apologists can learn from studying preaching. Be sure to check out the great links to the right, especially The Poached Egg, which is The Drudge Report of Christian apologetics and worldview.

Until then, grace and peace.

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