What A Church Looks Like When It’s Committed to Christian Case Making

from Cold Case Christianity by J Warner Wallace

What A Church Looks Like When It’s Committed to Christian Case MakingLast weekend I had the great privilege of speaking at South Valley Community Church (SVCC) in Gilroy, California. I was more than impressed with this group of devoted, surrendered, reasonable Christians. Their example as a church (with a little “c”) is a model for the Church (with a capital “C”). Pastors Eric Smith, Greg Quirke and Isaac Serrano have nurtured a Case Making Church. Every August, they host a free apologetics conference. I’m not talking about a one or two day event. SVCC devotes the entire month to Christian Case Making. Think about that for a minute. How many pastors do you know who would be willing to surrender 1/12th of their preaching calendar to visiting teachers? Especially for four or five weeks in a row? SVCC is deeply committed to Christian Case Making and every year their Reasons to Believe series provides great training for their community. For over fifteen years they’ve been inviting the best Christian apologists to speak at this month-long event, and I was honored to be a part of it.

If you’re a church leader or a member of a local congregation who understands the need for Christian Case Making in the life of your church, there are many good reasons to consider following SVCC’s month-long example. Lead Pastor Eric Smith shared several important observations as he explained why SVCC dedicates an entire month to Case Making every August:

Read more at: http://coldcasechristianity.com/2014/what-a-church-looks-like-when-its-committed-to-christian-case-making/#sthash.cTQaRsGS.dpuf

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