“There and Back Again with C.S. Lewis” by Andrea Morocoima

from Ratio Christ

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  1. Reblogged this on Thee Bloomin Idiot and commented:
    The answer is God! It is the only answer to our questions of grief. We want to know why we have this grief, yet God, though he could have saved Jesus, crucified him! WHY? To restore Him, to raise Him glorified. We, when our loved ones suffer, want them made whole again, YET wholeness will never be found here in this world. Wholeness can only be found in the next world, the world where our Risen Lord resides. It is only with Him that we are made whole, and it is the answer to our grief! Trust Him, He knows the grief we feel and He makes it go away finally when we are in complete freedom with Him. Our loved ones who trusted Him and have gone before know this wholeness! Praise God!

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