Living a Life Characterized by Love


love th1 John 2_10at shirt!” “I love ice cream!” “I lovemy wife!”

Words, like coins, can be in circulation for such a long time that they start wearing out. Unfortunately, the word love is losing its value. It is really difficult to understand how a man can use the same word to express his love for his wife as he uses to tell how he feels about a shirt or ice cream! When words are used carelessly, they really mean little or nothing at all. Like the dollar, the word love has been devalued.

As John describes the life that is real, he uses three words repeatedly: lovelife, and light. He explains they belong together and must not be separated. In our present study (1 John 2:7–11), we learn how Christian love is affected by light and darkness. A Christian who is walking in the light (which simply means he is obeying God) is going to love his brother Christian. On the contrary, those who walk in darkness practice hatred. The Bible repeatedly emphasizes this truth.

John not only writes about love, but also practices it. One of his favorite names for his readers is “Beloved.” He felt love for them. John is known as the “Apostle of Love” because in his Gospel and his epistles he gives such prominence to this subject.

However, John was not always the “Apostle of Love.” At one time, Jesus gave John and his brother James, both of whom had hot tempers, the nickname “Boanerges” (Mk. 3:17), which means “sons of thunder.” On another occasion these two brothers wanted to call down fire from heaven to destroy a village (Lk. 9:51–56).

The commandment to love is not new in time, but it is new in character. Because of Jesus Christ, the old commandment to love one another has taken on new meaning. In 1 John 2:7–11, we learn the commandment to love is new in three important ways:

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