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Discipleship gone wrong!

What is a disciple? Some people say that a disciple is someone who is “following Jesus together as their Master and Teacher so that they may become just like Jesus.” Years ago, Walter Henrichsen said that Disciples are Made Not Born. Jesus himself said that the job of the Church was to make disciples, so Henrichsen’s statement still seems quite relevant. But the question still remains, what is a disciple? 

I’m convinced that discipleship doesn’t take place for so many of us simply because we have no idea what we’re shooting for. In other words, discipleship doesn’t happen because people don’t have a clear picture of what the target is.

Let’s cut to the chase and, for the sake of time, agree that making disciples means we’re focused on helping people become more like Jesus. Jesus himself said that disciples obey his commands (Matt. 28:20) and St. Paul famously speaks of being conformed to the image of Christ (Rom. 8:29) as we present ourselves holy before God (Rom. 12:1). A Christian disciple is someone who follows Jesus as Lord. Somewhere along the line, discipleship has gone woefully wrong… and our churches are suffering because of it. 

Soooooo, here are five ways that we can get back on track:

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