The Emmaus story

I just read the last of Luke in my devotions this morning. Like you I almost always still find a new insight as I go over these stories I have read many times. As I thought about this story of two dejected guys heading home rather beaten down and discouraged, I see Jesus saddling up to them. I sense a grin and almost a chuckle in his heart.

I know many always see him stern and rebuking of the disciples’ problems with understanding and faith, but I often sense he has a great winsomeness about him. I don’t picture him ranting and raving at them – and especially these two. Instead of a stern rebuke, I think he came across as a totally upbeat companion who got to give an incredible special uplift to two otherwise defeated individuals. I think he found this contact to be one of great joy to him as he picked out these two out and changed their down hearts to exploding joy as they raced all the way back to share with the others. He didn’t just happen upon them. He went out of his way to pick them out for this experience.

He even beat them back. I bet their trip back was faster. Instead of scraping the dusty  road, they probably hardly touched the ground. I can’t imagine Jesus not smiling or even laughing as he watched their joy – I think that brought him joy, too.

Their experience was so incredible, they couldn’t contain themselves – they had to share. Would that I, too, would have such a revelation of him.

I bet this wasn’t the last time they shared that experience.

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